Appointment Booking Features

These are the standard features already included in the WP BASE Core which should suffice for individual appointment booking needs, e.g. for a sole consultant. Additional functionality can be achieved with Free and Premium Addons.

  • Unlimited number of services can be defined
  • Service durations can be set from 5 minutes to 1 day (With Advanced Features addon up to 30 days)
  • Services can be displayed alphabetically or in custom order
  • For each service, a description page with featured image can be defined to be displayed in tooltip
  • Services can be assigned to any unique member of the website
  • Services can have any capacity with or without assigned providers allowing more than one booking/client per slot
Working Hours
  • Working hours are configured using a unique, simple, intuitive graphical interface
  • Any combination of working hours for each week day up from 5 minutes intervals can be easily entered
  • Even irregular schedules can be set in just seconds
  • Services can have own working hours making them usable without service providers
  • No need to define break hours: If not picked as a working time, a slot is automatically assigned as a break time
  • Multiple working hour tables for services, service providers can be opened, displayed and saved at the same time
  • Copy/paste of working hours from one service to another or to several services
Booking (Front End)
  • Unlimited number of bookings
  • Lead time and maximum booking time can be configured
  • Automatic adaptation of calendar intervals to service duration
  • Table view booking can be selected as number of free slots, days, weeks or months
  • Possibility to jump to a far date by direct date selection using datepicker
  • Selectable user fields: name, first name, last name, email, address, phone, city, postcode
  • Selectable “Login required” option
  • A percentage or fixed amount of service price can be asked as down payment (prepayment) to confirm a booking automatically
  • Bookings can be automatically confirmed upon submission, or left in pending status until manually confirmed
  • Redirection of client to any page or url after successful booking
Booking / Editing (Admin Side)
  • Manual Booking by admin on behalf of a client, e.g. appointments accepted over phone or email
  • Manual appointment booking can be selected to respect the same availability conditions as the front end
  • Fast manual booking for repeat customers by Rebook button with selecting first available time
  • Filtering of bookings by month, service and account balance (negative/positive)
  • Search over booking ids, user names, emails, booking note and any of the client fields
  • Selecting and editing multiple bookings by a single or multiple admins
  • Bulk status change of selected bookings possible
Listing of Bookings (Front End)
  • Client can view own bookings, plus admin can view any other client’s or all appointment bookings
  • Display according to status, start and end dates
  • Dynamic search, filtering and sorting of the booking list
  • Selectable and custom sortable columns
  • Different selectable columns for mobile devices to use screen efficiently
  • Cancellation of bookings by the client using confirmation email or button on the website with adjustable limit time
  • Sending of test emails to check configuration
  • Multiple email addresses can be defined for multiple admins
  • Automatic and manual sending of notification emails for each booking status
  • Separate custom templates for confirmation, pending, cancellation, completion states
  • Possibility to use all booking and user variables in the templates
  • Possibility to use list of bookings shortcode in the email templates, i.e. inform user about their past or future appointment
Look & Feel
  • Booking in list/table view or weekly or monthly calendars, selectable within the shortcode and auto switching for mobile devices
  • Selection of one of 24 included jQuery UI standard themes to match your WordPress theme
  • Custom jQuery UI theme or css file can be created to override existing styles and saved against being overwritten by plugin updates
Help & Documentation
  • Inline documentation integrated to the plugin
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Inline Support Form which submits your configuration and setup to our support team
  • All front end messages and texts can be easily customized or translated on admin side without any additional tool
  • Ready for translation for other (admin side) texts
  • Automatic adaptation to time and date formats, start day of the week settings of WordPress
  • Support for RTL and suitable for countries where week day starts on Saturday, Sunday or Monday

  • JavaScript and CSS files are only loaded on plugin related pages both on front end and admin side, to reduce page load time
  • Lazy Load function for fast page loading
  • Compatible to major caching plugins
  • Free from PHP sessions. No front end cookie writing (cookies are set with ajax). Thus graceful to server side caching
  • Scalable to virtually unlimited bookings, services and providers
  • Automatic cleaning of unrealized, incomplete bookings
Business Owner & Admin Friendly
  • Automatic booking page creation with a single click
  • Easy usage with shortcodes having rich customization parameters
  • Automatic removal of unconfirmed (pending) appointment bookings after a preset time
  • Admin side schedules display bookings in 1 week, 4 weeks, 1 month and 3 month calendar view. Free slots are clickable to add a new booking
  • WP users can be automatically created upon submission and notified about their registration
  • User page that displays plugin specific settings and booking list is automatically created for clients
  • Admin toolbar submenu to access plugin created pages
  • Can be used in popups (Popup Maker)
Developer & Designer Friendly
  • Clear licensing (GPL V2) preventing potential legal issues
  • Reasonably priced quantity discounts and bundles
  • Integrated Custom Functions tab which can be used to add own PHP codes without the need for modifying PHP files. Sandbox feature to contain compile errors
  • Theme selector widget to try and decide best suitable theme
  • More than 300 WordPress hooks for further customization (With addons more than 1200)
  • Automatic recognition of shortcodes in page templates
  • Functions to read/add/edit/delete bookings, services, providers
  • Debug mode to help locate errors
  • Use of popular, standard libraries like jQuery UI, dataTables
  • Compatible to major page builders
  • Works on PHP versions from V5.5 to V8.0