Group Bookings

Group Bookings Addon allows clients to book for more than one person for a time slot. It is especially suitable for participating in an event or facility with some capacity (e.g. city tour, seminar, party, restaurant reservation, etc) as a group. Client can be allowed to enter a list of participants.

  • Minimum and maximum pax (number of seats/guests/participants) can be set per service
  • Maximum number is automagically limited to the capacity of the service
  • Number of persons selection pulldown menu is automagically displayed and hidden depending on whether group bookings allowed for the service
  • A list of name, email, phone and address participant fields can be entered during checkout. These fields can be individually set as required or optional
  • Emails for selected actions can be sent to participants as cc or bcc
  • Price of service automatically multiplied with selected pax
  • Seamlessly integrates with Custom Pricing Addon. Custom prices or discounts can be set for each pax selection for certain or all dates. For example 10% discount for 2 persons, 12% discount for 3 persons for week days, no discount for weekends, etc.
  • Supports Person Types, e.g. adults, children, couples, etc. Each person type can have its own price as well as pax value. For example you can define a “Couples” type which will reserve 2 spaces when selected.