Payment Gateway Stripe

Payment Gateway Stripe Addon allows you to receive payments from your clients directly on your website. Although it is a relatively new electronic commerce company, Stripe gained considerable popularity due to financial advantages and worldwide coverage.

A notable feature of Stripe is its being one of the few fintech companies that can offer a split share solution. Multi vendor marketplaces almost always require such an option. Payment Gateway Stripe Addon does not yet provide this feature. However, it is in our road map, together with a multi vendor addon.

WP BASE has settings to request full price or a configurable portion of the total amount from the client as down payment. When client fills the submission form and clicks checkout button, addon temporarily reserves time slots that client has selected as pending. Immediately after that, credit card form becomes visible. Client fills the form and clicks  payment button. Usually in a few seconds Stripe validates or declines the credit card. If Stripe approves the payment, addon displays confirmation message and sends email to the client. Admin and service provider also receive a notification email.

If transaction fails, addon displays an error message and client is expected to correct the entry or use another credit card.

If client abandons website without completing payment process, plugin frees previously reserved time slots after a configurable time elapses.

All of these processes are handled while client is on the booking page, therefore it helps you to increase your conversion rates.

Other Features
  • Supports more than 140 currencies
  • Available in 25 countries
  • Addon does not send any credit card data to your server: PCI compliant
  • You can customize item name that will be displayed in your Stripe account using all variables of the booking
  • Stripe sandbox mode is available
  • Addon does not support refunds. Admin should handle refunding due to cancellations in corresponding Stripe account