Waiting List

Waiting List addon allows your clients to apply for a time slot after that slot was fully booked.

When there is an opening in the service, clients in the waiting list will be informed by email. Then they can apply for the opening, if time slot is still available.

  • Waiting List can be enabled for each service independently
  • Capacity of waiting list can be set for each service individually, independent from regular booking capacity. For example even if one person is allowed to book for a particular service, you can allow 3 clients to apply to the waiting list
  • Openings are automatically scanned in case of cancellation, rescheduling and status changes
  • Dedicated waiting list submission received and notification of opening email templates
  • Sending of emails is automatically managed with one time, hourly and daily limit values in order not to violate email sending limits of the hosting
  • Admin can add manual waiting list bookings or approve an existing waiting list submission