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Advanced Features – Front End Login

Advanced Features Addon comes with Front End Login feature which allows your clients to login using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WordPress account without leaving the booking page.

Settings for  Front End Login are in WP BASE → Global Settings → Login.

In order to use Front End Login, Login required setting should be Yes. Then you can pick which methods to use in the Front end login methods check boxes. It is also possible to use Login required without any front end methods activated.

For Social Media logins (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) you have to register your website and login (booking) page to your account in related Social Media.

WordPress login does not have additional setting.

When Login required is set as Yes and client is not logged in, they will not be able to make a booking, although they can view your availability. By default, [app_book] automatically generates the following line:

You need to login to make an appointment. Click here to login: Login OR click here to register: Register

Here, Login is a link to your login page, which redirects the client to your login page if no login method is activated and opens a login button area when there is at least one method activated.

Register is a link to your Registration page.

You can customize the above line using notlogged attribute. For example:

[app_book notlogged="Click here to login: LOGIN_PAGE. Click here to register: REGISTRATION_PAGE"]

LOGIN_PAGE and REGISTRATION_PAGE placeholders (case sensitive) will be replaced with a link to your login and registration pages, respectively.

It is also possible to use Front End Login without [app_book] shortcode, for example in a Front End Booking Management page. For this purpose [app_login] shortcode is provided. notlogged attribute can be used for this shortcode too.

REGISTER_PAGE placeholder does not check if registration to your website is closed. If you do not allow registrations, simply remove the placeholder using notlogged attribute. For example:

[app_book notlogged="Click here to login: LOGIN_PAGE"]

If you need login required, but not allow a link to your login page, you can do so by setting zero to notlogged attribute:

[app_book notlogged=0]

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