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Advanced Features – Modular Shortcodes

While [app_book] shortcode which comes with WP BASE core is sufficient to create a full booking form for most of the applications, there are some cases where more control on the layout is required. Advanced Features Addon allows more specialized shortcodes each of which controls a different part of the booking form. By combining these shortcodes like modules you can micro design your page layout.

  • [app_services] – Creates a pull down menu of services
  • [app_locations] – (With Locations Addon)  Creates a pull down menu of locations
  • [app_workers] – (With Service Providers Addon)  Creates a pull down menu of providers
  • [app_seats] – (With Group Bookings Addon)  Creates a pull down menu of selectable number of persons
  • [app_repeat] – (With Recurring Appointments Addon)  Creates a menu to select number and unit of repeats
Booking View
  • [app_monthly_schedule] – Creates one monthly calendar
  • [app_schedule] – Creates one weekly calendar
  • [app_book_table] – Creates a table with bookable buttons
  • [app_book_flex] – Creates a Booking in Flex View
  • [app_book_now] – Creates a single Book Now button
  • [app_next] – Creates a part with Next, Previous buttons, Date Selection Field and Legend for busy/available Color Codes
  • [app_confirmation] – Creates a confirmation form
  • [app_login] – Creates a Social Media Login form
  • [app_users] – Creates a pull down menu for selection of WordPress users
  • [app_select_date] – Adds a datepicker to jump to selected date.

Examples of use cases for modular shortcodes

  • Display two or more services on the same page at the same time. See an example here where 2 services are shown side by side.
  • Display two or more different Booking Views on the same page at the same time
  • Using sidebar for the menus and page content for Booking View, or vice versa
  • Next and Previous buttons on both above and below Booking View

For detailed description of each shortcode, in WordPress admin visit WP BASE → Help → Shortcodes

[app_book] shortcode automatically includes the functionality of any of the shortcodes here. For example, when Group Bookings Addon is active for a service, Number Of Persons selection menu will be automatically included in [app_book]. Therefore, [app_book] shortcode should not be combined with any of the modular shortcodes.

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