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[app_book] Shortcode

[app_book] shortcode creates HTML code for complete booking process. It has four components:

  1. Menu: By default client selects service using pull down menu it creates. As Addons are activated, other menus are also automatically included here. For example, Locations, Service Providers, Number of Persons (for Group Booking), Number of Repeats ( for Recurring Appointments).
  2. Booking View: By default monthly calendar for current month and next month are displayed. Client views available time slots here and picks his selection by clicking on
  3. Browse area: Generates
    1. Next and previous buttons which allows client to view other available dates
    2. A date picker to jump to a far date
    3. Legend fields to describe meaning of color codes
  4. Confirmation Form: Displays details of the selected time slot and has fields client can fill. It also has submission button.

Output created by the shortcode is controlled by its attributes (parameters) and automatically adjusted. The result is intuitive. For example:

  1. [app_book service="3"] is a fixed selection of service with ID 3 and service selection pull down menu is hidden.
  2. [app_book type="weekly" range="4 weeks"] Creates a booking view for 4 weeks and each next/previous button click will change the date by 4 weeks
  3. [app_book type="table" range="10"] displays 10 book now buttons in table view. Each next and previous button click will show 10 more.
  4. [app_book start="2019-01-01"] makes the calendar (in this case monthly calendar) start at January 2019
  5. [app_book start="auto"] makes the calendar start from first available month
  6. [app_book type="weekly" add="6"] makes the weekly calendar start 6 weeks from current date
  7. When selected service is not configured for an option, related menu is hidden. For example if service with ID 3 does not support Group Bookings, when client picks that service, Number of Persons selection menu is not displayed

You can see a full list of shortcode attributes in WordPress admin by selecting WP BASE Help menu item and then Shortcodes tab.

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