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[app_list] Shortcode

[app_list] shortcode creates a list of bookings for current user and also for admin or editor. Some attributes are:

  • what: Defines the list is for what. By default the list is for “client“. This means, current user will see bookings he is client for. If set as “worker“, then current user (service provider) will see bookings he is provider for. If set as “all” then current user who has the capability set in cap attribute will see all bookings, filtered by other attributes, e.g. start, end, status, etc.
  • cap: Capability to view others’ bookings. Default is defined in WPB_ADMIN_CAP PHP constant, which in turn is ‘manage_options’ by default. Multiple capabilities can be entered, separated by comma
  • status: Filter for selected statuses. Default is paid, confirmed, pending, running. This means, other statuses, for example ‘removed’ will not be displayed.
  • start: Display only bookings whose starting date/time are after set value.
  • end: Display only bookings whose  starting date/time are before set value.


  • [app_list] List own upcoming bookings to current client
  • [app_list what="worker"] List own upcoming bookings to current provider
  • [app_list what="worker" status="removed"] List own removed/cancelled bookings to current provider
  • [app_list what="all" cap="edit_others_posts" end="2019-01-01"] Display upcoming bookings in 2018 for all clients to user who has edit_others_posts capability (editor). You do not need to enter ‘manage_options’ to allow admin too; admin capability is always assumed to be set.

List of booking table uses DataTables javascript library that dynamically allows:

  • Sorting of columns individually
  • Pagination
  • Responsive behavior (If table is too wide for the screen, some columns are hidden to fit to screen, which can be further opened with a touch)
  • Dynamic search, e.g. for a month or service name

You can see a full list of shortcode attributes in WordPress admin by selecting WP BASE Help menu item and then Shortcodes tab.

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