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With Coupons Addon you can define discount codes based on service and other parameters.

To define coupons, visit WP BASE → Monetary Settings → Coupons and proceed as follows:

Click Add New Coupon button. A new empty row will be inserted on top of the existing coupons. Coupons are listed in reverse order, thus most recent ones are on top.

You can add as many records (coupons) as you wish and they will only be saved after you hit Save Coupons button which is only visible if there is at least one record added.

Each record consists of the following fields:

  • ID field: is automatically given by the system and it is unique.
  • Code field: is set of characters your client supposed to enter to gain a discount. Letters are case insensitive. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed, with “-” (dash without quotation marks) being exception and having a special meaning: Numeric value after dash stands for user ID that code is valid for. This is called a user specific coupon. For user specific coupons, the below “for users” setting is irrelevant, including “everybody” setting. Example: Code QwE123-5 can only be used by the (logged in) client having WordPress user ID 5.
  • Discount (%) and Discount (Currency) fields: define the discount that will be applied to the sales price. Discount (%), applies a discount over the total price by the percentage entered. Discount (Currency), applies a fixed discount over the total price by the value entered. If both of them are entered, fixed discount will be used.
  • Max uses field: defines how many times this coupon can be used. If left empty there is no usage limit.
  • Used field: is read-only and displays how many times this coupon was used.
  • Valid from field: defines the date (including the date) coupon can be used starting from. If left empty, coupon can be used immediately.
  • Valid until field: defines expiry date of the coupon. Including that date and onwards, coupon cannot be used. If left empty, coupon can be used indefinitely (or until max uses limit).
  • Applies to field: defines for which services and/or providers this coupon will be applied. Multiple selection is possible. This means, depending on “with match” setting, in case of any match or if all of the selections match the coupon will be applicable. If nothing is selected, coupon will be valid for all bookings.
  • With match field: defines how multiple selections of “applies to” setting will be handled. “Any match” will result in the coupon to be applicable when any one of the services and providers selected in “applies to” setting are subjects of the booking. For example when “applies to” has “Sample Service, Service Provider SP A” selections, Sample Service given by any provider or any service given by SP A make the coupon applicable. “All must match” setting limits the coupon to be applicable only when all “applies to” selections are subjects of the booking. Please note that for this selection only one pick from services and one pick from providers is reasonable. For the same example, coupon will be applicable for only Sample Service given by SP A. Tip: To make “Sample Service given by SP A or SP B” logic possible, you can enter a second record with the same code and settings except “applies to” is “Sample Service, SP B”.
  • For users field: defines to whom this coupon will be applied. That is, only clients having selected WP user role can use the coupon, allowing you to generate member only coupons. You can select multiple WP user roles. Not selecting any role means rule will be applied to everyone, including non logged in users. To apply for all logged in users, but not for non logged in users, select all roles.

To delete a record empty Code field and Save.

It is possible to have more than one coupon with the same code with different discount and different applies to setting, e.g. to apply higher discount for a particular service or provider selection. In this case coupon with the highest net discount will be applied.

A coupon becomes inactive with one of the following cases. Inactive coupon records are shown faded.

  1. No discount is defined,
  2. It is used Max uses times,
  3. Valid from date has not yet arrived,
  4. Valid until date has arrived.

On front end, Coupon field is only visible if there is at least one active coupon applicable to the selected service or provider and user role of the client.

When client enters correct coupon code, total price on the confirmation form will be updated on the fly; there is no need for a refresh or submit button.

Entering “100” in the Discount (%) field will make the service free of charge when that discount code is used.

  • Coupons Addon runs after Easy Pricing rules and before Advanced Pricing codes.
  • With Apply Coupons also to Extras setting, it can be run before or after Extras Addon. This means you can choose to apply coupon discounts to extras or not.
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