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Export & Import – Import from A+

Appointments Plus (A+) is an appointment booking plugin originally developed by the WP BASE author for WPMU DEV. Here is how it works:

  • You can only import data from A+, there is no export option.
  • Importing from A+ copies A+ appointments, transactions, services and service providers records to WP BASE database tables installed on the same website. A+ tables will remain untouched.
  • Please note that this import is mainly intended for a newly installed WP BASE, that is, WP BASE tables are expected to be empty. If this is not your case, we highly recommend that you take a backup using export function first (Select both Export Settings and Export Database Tables).
  • Import is only possible if both plugins are installed on the same website. A+ does not need to be activated and actually its being deactivated is preferable.
  • Since working hours system of the two plugins are completely different, working hours cannot be imported and they should be created manually.
  • WP BASE Services table will be cleared before import. This process will maintain Appointments+ Service IDs to be used as they are.
  • If WP BASE Service Providers table is not empty, existing records will be replaced with Appointments+ values.
  • The other WP BASE table records will be added without resetting the existing data. If this is not your intention, you may want to reset WP BASE tables first.
  • A+ accepts non WP users as clients (as well as WP BASE), and it is possible to register these clients as WP users during import, provided that client has email in appointments table. To do so, set Auto Register Client to Yes. You may also want to set Notify User about Auto Register if you want clients to receive their login credentials.
  • If Auto Register Client is selected, after user registration process admin will not get an email, but they can check created users list in the log file.
  • Existing A+ settings will also be imported. Since WP BASE has much more features than A+, missing settings will be completed from current values. You may also want to reset settings to their default values before importing.
  • Multisite WordPress to solo WordPress export/imports and vice versa are allowed.
  • Import will also work for Appointments Lite, the free version of A+.

To start the import, Visit WP BASE → Tools → Import From A+, then simply click the Start Import from A+ button and confirm the javascript message. The actual import process may take a few minutes depending on the size of your records.

After the import process, you should see a message indicating the result: Failure, success or partial success. In every case you can check the log file for the details of the result.

To import A+ from a website (source) to a WP BASE installed on another website (target), you can use this method:

  • Install WP BASE and Export/Import Addon on both websites.
  • In the source, import A+ to WP BASE and then export Settings and Database Tables to your PC.
  • Then you can import these two files to the target from your PC.
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