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Extended Service Features – Categories

Categories can be defined by visiting WP BASE → Business Settings → Services → Categories

  • To add a new Category click Add New Category Button
  • Enter a Name for the category in Name field. This will be used in the front end
  • You can enter a Note, if you wish
  • Used by field will be filled by WP BASE and display services which are in this category
  • Click Save Services
  • In Services tab assign every service to one or more categories using the menu in Categories column
  • Click Save Services

Now, Service selection menu on front end will automatically group services according to categories.

If you want only services in a category to be selected, you can use category attribute of [app_book] to do so. For example [app_book category="2"] will make only services in category 2 to be selectable.

Categories are optional. You may prefer not to use them at all. However, when you use them (when you define at least a category), all services should be assigned to one or more categories. Otherwise they cannot be displayed in Service Selection drop down menu on front end.

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