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Installing from

Installing WP BASE is just like any other WordPress plugin. Navigate to your WordPress Plugins page, inside of your WordPress dashboard, and follow these instructions:

  1. In the search field enter “WP BASE”. Click Search Plugins, or hit Enter.
  2. Select WP BASE and click either Details or Install Now.
  3. Once installed, click Activate.

WP BASE is now activated and ready to be configured.

Installing Manually via FTP

First go to the WordPress plugins repository at and search for “WP BASE”. Then click on the WP BASE link.
Then when you’re on the WP BASE page, click on the download link.

Once you have the zip file, open it (typically by double clicking it) and inside you’ll find a folder called wp-base-booking-of-appointments-services-and-events. Use your favorite file transfer tool to copy that FOLDER (not merely its contents) to your server, and place it in /wp-content/plugins/

Then go to the plugins page in your WordPress site and you should see WP BASE in the plugin list. Click the Activate link. A welcome popup will open.

In a multi site installation, welcome popup is displayed when you first visit main site or one of the sub sites.

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