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Booking of Appointments and Services WordPress plugin (in short, WP BASE) is a complete solution to accept appointments and schedule based bookings on your WordPress website. It is created as a WordPress plugin starting from the development stage, therefore its codes are optimized for WordPress.

With WP BASE, your clients can make an appointment based on your available times, if set so, pay full price or deposit of the cost, edit and cancel their appointment by themselves without the need for your intervention. You and/or your employees can also add a new appointment or make corrections on an existing one.

WP BASE has been developed to cover all functions related to make an appointment from a person in the first place, however, in some cases it can also be used to book resources (technical material, equipment, etc), locations (meeting or function rooms, etc), vehicles with driver (hourly or daily tour, airport transfer, etc), or shared facilities (Tennis court, barbeque pit, etc).

On our demo website you can view and actually use some of the possible applications.

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