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Quick Start

We are definitely aware that time is money. You may be just wanting to make a quick check if WP BASE will fulfill your requirements.  As always keeping user needs in mind, we have included a Quick Start feature which will take only a few minutes of your time to see WP BASE in action. Please follow these steps:

  1. Visit Global Settings page under WP BASE menu item or click You can visit Global Settings… link on Welcome popup which will appear after installation.
  2. Under Quick Start box in Create a Booking Page setting, select which type of Booking View you prefer. You can see examples of views on our Demo Website.
  3. Check Also create a My Account checkbox.
  4. Click Save General Settings button.
  5. An admin notice will be displayed on top of the page with a link to the created booking page. Click the link. You will be redirected to the front end.
  6. If you have selected Monthly Calendar at the second step, click a free (green) date and then time. If you have selected Weekly Calendar, then date and time selection are together. This also applies to Table and Flex Views (Flex view requires Advanced Features addon).
  7. Fill in confirmation form with your personal data. Provide your actual email address to be able to test email functionality. Click Checkout.
  8. A confirmation message should appear. Confirm it. You should be taken to account page.
  9. You should be able to see details of your booking in the list. Click the ID of the booking. You should be redirected to Admin Bookings page.
  10. You should be able to see overview of the booking and your name as client. Place your mouse over your name in Client column. An Edit link will be visible. Click that link.
  11. Now you will be seeing details of the booking, including your personal data, price, schedule of the booking. If you wish you can edit these data and save using Update button.
  12. On top of the page you will see Add New button. You can add Manual Bookings using that button.
  13. Now check your email account and see if you did receive an email. If you have provided your actual email, you should be taking two emails: One for notification as admin and one for confirmation as client.

If you did not meet any issues during these steps, then congratulations! Now you are already familiar with most of WP BASE basic functionality.

If you did meet some issues, for example not being able to complete the booking or not receiving email, see the Troubleshooting part before going any further.

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