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  • Quotas addon allows you to limit number of bookings of logged-in clients for each service for certain time intervals, namely for weekdays (Monday to Friday), weekends (Saturday and Sunday), definable special days, for weeks, months and total upcoming (paid, confirmed, pending), by checking previous bookings of the clients in those intervals.
  • To activate Quotas, simply enter quotas (number of bookings limit) in the related fields of the service which are visible when you click the “More” link. One or more fields can be left empty, which means there is no limitation for that interval.
  • While checking if quotas are full or not, previous bookings are queried for appointment start times, but not for the submission date/times. Quotas addon looks into neither when submissions are made, nor end times of the appointments.
  • Each interval is evaluated separately and none of the quotas must be reached or exceeded to make that time interval available to the client. For example, consider weekday quota as 2 and weekly quota as 5. For a particular Monday, if client makes 2 bookings, he cannot make another one for that Monday, but he can do 3 more in total for the other days of the week. Or, if he made one booking for each weekday, he cannot book another one for the whole week because he reached the weekly quota (Note that in this case weekend will also be blocked although there is no special quota setting for weekends).
  • Special Days can be defined in its tab by clicking the “Special Days” link in the settings or by directly clicking the tab. Simply select your special days on the calendar for current year and proceeding years, if you wish. Each special day is evaluated independently. For example, if you define 14th of February and 31st of December as special days and set a quota of 1, when client books for 14th of February, he can still book for 31st of December.
  • Special Days are used in common with Extended Service Features addon. Special days defined here are applied to both addons.
  • Except for Total Upcoming case, booking statuses used in quota evaluation are “upcoming” (pending, paid, confirmed), “running now” and “completed”. The inclusion of completed status is necessary for intended functionality of quotas. In the above example where client had a booking for each weekday, he has to wait until next week to make an additional booking, which is the correct meaning of a “weekly quota”. If completed status had not been included, client would be able to book a new one on Monday after current Monday appointment completed, a second one on Tuesday in the same way, and so on.
  • Total Upcoming setting defines the limit for total number of upcoming (pending, paid, confirmed), in other words, open bookings. This can be especially useful if you are accepting bookings over an extended period of time, say 1 year.
  • To modify booking statuses used in quotas and thus changing the above explained bahaviour, two different filter hooks are also provided.
  • Note that quotas only work for logged in clients. Therefore you may want to set logging in mandatory by adjusting Login required setting as Yes.
  • As the main idea of quotas is managing limited resources, in this case which is services and service providers whose working hours are saved based on server timezone, client timezone is not taken into account.
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