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With schedules feature you can have an graphical overview of your bookings and manage your business better.

Schedules display bookings of providers or overall. Therefore there is no service selection.

Schedules can be accessed on WP BASE → Schedules page. Then you need to select provider to list for. If Service Providers addon is not active, then only All and Business Representative selections are possible.

You can view schedules as weekly, 4 weeks, monthly or 3 months by selecting the related tab on the page.

When you bring mouse over a cell which is busy or partly busy, a list of bookings for that cell (time slot) will be dynamically displayed. From the list, you can click on ID to edit booking or Client to edit user.

If you click a free time slot, you will be redirected to booking page to add a booking for that time slot.

WordPress free appointment booking plugin
An example for 3 months view. Mouse is placed over a day which has bookings.
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