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Service Providers

Service Providers Addon allows assigning users of your website as service provider who will serve to your clients for a defined service or services.

Because only WordPress users can be providers, first register them to your website using Users → Add New page.

Then visit WP BASE → Business Settings → Service Providers and proceed as follows:

Click Add New Service Provider button. A new empty row will be inserted.

You can add as many records (service providers) as you wish and they will only be saved after you click Save Service Providers button which is only visible if there is at least one record added.

Each record consists of the following fields:

  • ID field: is automatically filled by the system and it is WordPress user ID of the service provider. You can use this ID in shortcodes or in some addon (for example Advanced Pricing) settings.
  • Provider field: Select your service provider from the pulldown menu. The menu includes all users of the website. A service provider must be a registered user of the website. To add a new user Click here.
  • Display Name field: You can use anything as the service provider name here. This will be displayed to the client on the front end in Services Providers pulldown menu, in emails, etc.
  • Services Provided field: use this to assign your service provider to a single or multiple services. You must select at least one service.
  • Dummy field: Check the checkbox if this is a “dummy” service provider. A dummy behaves exactly like a normal user, i.e. it has its own user account, working hours, holidays, but all emails it is supposed the receive are forwarded to the selected user in the Advanced tab.
  • Add. Price field: is the optional additional price of the service provider which will be added to the service price if client picks up this service provider.
  • Bio Page field: is an optional page selection describing this service provider. The content of this page will be read from the database and it will be displayed as a tooltip in service providers pulldown menu on the front end. Pages with status “publish” and “private” are displayed and selectable. Type of this page (page, post, custom post) can be selected from Advanced settings.

Custom Sorting: In front end selection menus, items are displayed according to the order here, by default. To make a custom sorting, select the row with your mouse and move it to the new position (drag and drop) and then click Save. Sorting is done on current page only. If you have more than one page of items, increase Number of Business Records per Page setting to a value to cover all items, make sorting and then revert back to previous records per page value.

To delete a record, i.e. unassign a user as service provider, deselect all Services Provided checkboxes and Save. This does not delete the user.

When you a add service provider, their default work hours are taken from that of Business Representative.

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