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Setting up Holidays

Just like work hours, every service and provider has its own holiday settings. During holidays, selected service/provider is not available for being booked for full day. To set up holiday:

  • Visit Business Settings page and select Holidays tab.
  • Select the desired service or provider in the pull down menu. Providers will be available in the list when Service Providers Addon is activated and providers are defined.
  • In the full calendar, select the desired holidays by clicking on the dates.
  • Using Days picked per click field, you can select a group of days. Enter number of days to select. Do not save. Then, click the starting date. Set number of days will be automatically selected.
  • You can also deselect a group of days. Click on the starting day to deselect. Set number of days will be deselected, if they were selected before.
  • Using arrows on top of the full calendar you can pick next and following years. Set holidays for those years as above.
  • Click Save Holidays to complete.
Multiple days can be selected using the setting at the bottom

Holidays use server time zone even if Time Zone Addon is activated. If that is not the intention, e.g. to use service provider time zone for evaluation of their holidays, you need to use Seasonal & Alternating Work Hours Addon settings instead.

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