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Setting up Work Hours

WP BASE provides a table for each service and provider using which you can easily set working hours. You just need to set working time slots. Not selected slots will mean “break times”.

When you add new services and service providers, their working hours will be set to the default schedule (Business Representative). Then you can edit their schedule by selecting their names from the dropdown menu below. Please note that every service and service provider has their own working hour settings. So, do not forget to change “List For” setting to set for a certain name.

You can open more than one table by checking the check boxes beside the service/provider name in the pulldown menu, e.g. to set more than one table at once and/or to copy/paste working hours as explained below.

  • To set a working interval, click the appropriate cell to make it green. Continue with other cells until the desired working schedule is produced.
  • It is possible to select/deselect multiple cells:
  • To select/deselect a column (a week day): Click on the column header (week day name, e.g. Wednesday)
  • To select/deselect a row (a time interval for every week day): Click the row header (time of the day, e.g. 1:00pm)
  • To select/deselect all cells of the table (complete week): Click the upper left cell
  • It is also possible to copy cell settings of an entire table (source) to another one (target) or more than one, e.g. copy Service Provider A’s working hours to Service Provider B and C:
  • Open all source and target working hour tables at the same time using the selection puldown menu and checking all desired source and target tables.
  • Click the “Copy to clickboard” button under the source table. Text of button will change from “Copy to clickboard” to “Copied (click to release)”.
  • Click the “Paste data of…” button under the target table. You will see that source table values are copied to the target table. Text of button will change from “Paste data of…” to “Undo”. You can click the button again to undo the paste operation.
  • Repeat the above step for all desired target tables.
  • If you have other copy operations from other source tables, click the button under source table: Button text will change from “Copied (click to release)” to “Copy to clickboard”. Repeat the above steps as much as desired.
  • Click “Save Working Hours” button.


  • Please note that front end calendars generated by WP BASE are affected by the settings here: i) Start time of the calendars are determined by start hour of working hours setting ii) Break times modify time slots accordingly; WP BASE always tries to maximize working hours, filling any gaps as much as possible. For example suppose 2 hours services from working hours 8am to 6pm and a break between 12pm-1pm. Then available slots will be 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm (NOT 8am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm. If these are the desired slots, define a break of 12pm-2pm instead).
  • Rows of working hours tables are incremented by time base. Also a shift from exact hour of the day is possible within time base value. For example, setting a working hour interval of 8:15 to 9:15 requires a time base of 15 minutes.
  • On the front end, service working hours are used when there is no provider selected or not defined at all. When the capacity of the service is increased, additional workforce also uses service working hours. In all other cases, in other words when a service provider is namely selected, their working hours will be used.
  • By default, when working hours of one or more service providers have been changed, working hours of the related services will also be automatically adapted so that they will cover all new added working hour slots, in order to ensure that service is available at all times that providers work, so that “no preference” selection may reflect all available slots (Working hour tables of services do not need to be opened prior to saving of the tables, but it is recommended to do so to check the result). This may also be important when service providers have the capability to change working hours of themselves, but not that of the services they are giving. If this not the desired behavior (for example a single provider giving service A in the morning, service B in the afternoon) you can change it by Service Working Hours Cover Service Providers setting. Note: This is intentionally valid for selected cells only, not for deselected ones; When you deselect a slot in working hours of the provider, i.e. add a break time, this will NOT result in a deselection in service working hours.
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