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WP BASE folder and files are uninstalled like any other plugin: Using delete link in WordPress Plugins page. However, deletion of created database tables and settings are subject to a safety check.

Because booking records have utmost importance for most businesses, WP BASE has a safety mechanism to prevent accidental or unauthorized deletion of those records. WP BASE database records are only deleted if:

  • For a multi site installation, define( 'WPB_REMOVE_ALL_DATA', true ); has been added to wp-config.php
  • For a single site WordPress installation, either the above code has been added to wp-config.php OR there are no booking records in Admin Bookings page.

If the above conditions are not met, WP BASE files and folder will be removed, but database tables and settings will be kept as they are.

In a single site installation, you can delete booking records before uninstall in order to satisfy above requirement. To do so:

  • Visit Admin Bookings page.
  • Select all bookings using check box on top left of the table.
  • In bulk status change pull down menu select Removed and click Change
  • Click Removed link on top
  • Again select all bookings using the same method
  • Then click Permanently Delete Selected Records

Now when you perform uninstall, all WP BASE database tables and settings will be cleared.

This safety check allows you to update WP BASE using a zip file: You can uninstall the existing version and install the new version without losing your data.

After you perform uninstall and notice that above conditions were not met and thus database tables were not cleared, you can re-install WP BASE and repeat uninstall after satisfying above requirements.

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