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WooCommerce Integration

With WooCommerce Integration Addon, you can sell your services as WooCommerce (WC) products with other WP BASE services or WC physical/digital products using cart and payment gateways provided by WC.

  • To do so, first set “Enable Integration” as Yes and create a product page by clicking the “Create a Booking Page” button. We call such a page, WC-BASE page.
  • To use an existing product, insert [app_book] shortcode to the WooCommerce post content or short description (not into both!). You do not need to do anything else: WC BASE automatically recognizes the shortcode and adjusts required settings.
  • To connect a product to a single service, use WC Product/WP Page setting at Business Settings.
  • That is it! Now your services will be regarded as WC products and your clients can add them to their shopping carts, making exactly the same selections as on a regular Make a Booking page
  • If a product is not connected to a single service, client can select services with pulldown menu or slider on the front end. You can adjust slider settings on Global Settings.
  • To allow selecting a group of services, add your services into a category and use category attribute in the [app_book] shortcode.
  • Your clients and providers can view their bookings in My Account > Bookings page. If set so, they can also cancel and edit bookings on their account page.
  • You can delete a WC-BASE page without affecting existing bookings, except for those who are already in WC cart.
  • If a booking with “In Cart” status expire, client will see “cart empty” message of WC and will not be allowed to proceed for payment.
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