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Quotas addon allows limiting number of booking made by your clients with different limit values for day (separate for weekday, weekend), week, month and in total.

  • Quotas can only be applied to logged in clients
  • Each service has its own quota values
  • Also applied…
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Test bookings

Test Bookings addon creates partly or fully random bookings for test purposes. Number of bookings to be added over available time slots is selectable. Booking for a random or particular client, service and provider is also selectable. After testing has been finished, test bookings can…

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Manual payments

Manual Payments Addon allows you to accept payments from clients as cash (locally), with bank transfer, check or by any other means which is not coming from an online payment gateway.

  • Easy entry on booking record
  • Multiple payments per booking can be entered and…
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Export Import

Export & Import Addon allows settings and WP BASE related database tables to be exported for backup or website transfer purposes.

  • WordPress user records who are clients and service providers are also exported/imported
  • If users are already existing in the target website, they are…
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Extended Service Features

Extended Service Features & Categories Addon allows the following settings per service:

  • Booking submission upper limit in days
  • Booking submission lower limit (lead time) in minutes
  • Cancellation lead time in minutes
  • With Front End Edit Addon editing limit in minutes
  • Before padding time in…
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Shopping Cart

Allows clients pick more than one time slot with a single checkout in one go. Time slots selected on different pages will be combined.

  • Maximum and minimum allowed time slots can be set
  • Different services, providers and locations can be picked
  • An adjustable countdown…
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