Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is the leading WordPress plugin for selling of digital products. WP BASE addon for Easy Digital Downloads Integration allows integration to EDD so that WP BASE services can be sold as digital products (downloads) of EDD alone, with other services or with other downloads using payment gateways of EDD.

Configuration is automatic: WP BASE booking shortcode added to an EDD custom post type page replaces “add to cart” form of EDD with that of WP BASE.

EDD Extension Free Downloads is supported. So bookings for selected services can be made free of charge when sold with an EDD digital product.

Typical applications where EDD and WP BASE can be used together:

  • Software developers who are selling their software and giving installation service that may require booking. The provided service can be free or paid.
  • Photographers who sell online photographs and taking photography in their studios.
  • Authors who sell e-books and organize events for marketing of their books.
  • Teachers who sell digital educational material and give online training using Zoom or Jitsi.