Multi Language

Multi Language addon allows you to display service, provider names and other variables of your booking system to be displayed in language preference of the visitors. Also email and SMS messages can be sent in client language.

For example a German speaking visitor will be booking for “Haarschnitt” service instead of “Haircut” for a hairdressing website. When he makes a booking, confirmation email will be sent in German language.

Multi Language addon does not need any additional plugins for this purpose. On the other hand, it can be used in combination with WPML or Polylang. In this case addon obeys visitor language setting of WPML or Polylang.

More than 100 languages and their dialects are supported.

The following core and addon fields can have multi language texts:

  • Service name
  • Service category name
  • Location name
  • Location address
  • Service Provider name
  • Names of extras
  • Titles and options of User Defined Fields
  • Recurring menu
  • Email subjects and bodies of any context, including confirmation, cancellation, reminder, follow-up emails
  • SMS messages of any context
  • All front end custom texts
  • Confirmation popup
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Post/page/custom post excerpts (To be used as location/service/provider descriptions)
  • Public name and instructions of payment gateways
  • Credit balance note, plans and confirmation dialog for Credits addon
  • Email note for Manual Payments addon
  • Time zone note if timezone selection is active
  • BuddyPress Book Me tab
  • Person Type labels in Group Bookings
  • Thank You Page: Client can be redirected to different pages based on their language