Payment Gateway Paypal Standard

Payment Gateway Paypal Standard addon allows receiving payments from your clients using PayPal Payments Checkout method, also known as PayPal Standard. PayPal is one of oldest and widely used electronic commerce companies in the world, though not managed to come to this point without criticism.

WP BASE has settings to ask full price or a certain portion of the bookings during submission stage. If set so and service price is greater than zero, as client clicks checkout button, selected time slots are reserved as pending and client is redirected to PayPal website and they are asked to pay through their PayPal account or credit card.

If client does pay, booking will be automatically set as paid by IPN of PayPal and a confirmation email is sent to the client, another one to admin and to service provider, if there is one.

If client does not pay, after a configurable time booking will be set as removed and related time slot(s) will be freed.

  • Client does not fill any credit card or account login form on your website. Therefore this method is intrinsically PCI compliant. On the other hand, client is redirected to PayPal website and thus needs to leave the booking page, which may be not preferred in terms of conversion rates
  • Item name that will be displayed in your PayPal account can be customized using all variables of the booking
  • Supports payment after booking. PayPal button with automatic balance calculation can be added to Listing shortcode or to emails
  • PayPal sandbox mode can be used
  • Refunds not supported. Refunding due to cancellations should be handled in your PayPal account

Payment Gateway Paypal Standard addon is also included in our Essentials Bundle which is a cost effective solution for many websites that are collecting online payments for appointment booking and service booking business.

This addon is free for Payment Gateway PayPal Express license holders.