Recurring Appointments

Recurring Appointments addon allows clients to book daily, weekly, monthly recurring appointments with a single checkout. Other recurrence frequencies are every other day, every weekday, every weekend, every other week.

Services can be individually set to be recurring or not. Admin can also set which frequencies are selectable and maximum repeat numbers for each service separately.

Recurring Appointments addon integrates with other addons seamlessly:

Service Providers: If there is a preferred provider by the client, time slots are generated according to the availability of the provider. If provider selection is left to the system, WP BASE tries to assign the same provider for all bookings. If that is not possible, WP BASE switches to the second available provider to maximize bookable time slots.

Shopping Cart: When used in combination with Shopping Cart addon, you may allow client to remove particular appointment instances from the recurring ones and add other alternatives, i.e. customize appointment times.