Service Providers

Service Providers Addon allows assigning members of your website as staff who will give your services. Each provider has their own working hour and holiday settings.

  • Unlimited number of service providers can be defined
  • Providers can be assigned to one or more services
  • Providers can view their assignments in weekly, 4 weeks, monthly and 3 months calendars on their user page
  • Providers can be randomly assigned to an appointment if client does not have a preference
  • Providers can have additional prices
  • Providers can create/edit/delete own services, confirm/edit own bookings, manage own working hours and holidays if set so
  • First provider, then service can be picked on front end
  • Providers can be assigned to a booking randomly or by the first available one alphabetically, according to price or according to your custom order.
  • Providers can have a bio page for which excerpt and featured image can be used in the tooltip in selection menu