WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration addon for WP BASE allows full integration with WooCommerce e-commerce system (WC). Services and events of WP BASE can be sold as WC products.

  • Integration with WooCommerce is automatic: When integration is enabled and a WP BASE booking shortcode is added to a WC product page, WooCommerce product meta settings are automatically adjusted.
  • WP BASE shortcodes can be used in post content or product short description area.
  • In a WC product page a single service, services in a particular category, services in a particular location or all services (selectable by the client) can be booked by making simple parameter adjustments on the shortcode.
  • Multiple WP BASE services can be added to the WC cart and the cart may consist of mix products, i.e. physical ones and WP BASE services or events.
  • Payment gateways of WP BASE are not effective when WC is active and WC payment methods will be used.
  • Client can view and if allowed cancel their bookings in My Account page of WC.
  • In combination with WP BASE Event Bookings addon, events can also be sold as WC products.