WP BASE Developer Package

WP BASE Developer Package (WP BASE Dev) includes all current and future addons of WP BASE and it is intended for developers or business owners who want to have the latest version of all addons without wasting time to follow each addon update.

  • The license can be active on 5 (or 25) websites at any given time. There is no limit of websites you can deactivate and (re)activate in time.
  • WP BASE Dev comes as a single installation zip file. Latest version of all existing addons are already included under WP BASE plugin folder. This makes installing and updating complete WP BASE ecosystem quite easy.
  • When installed, all addons are active. Each of them can be individually turned off and turned on again within WP BASE addon management page. There is also a feature which checks if there are unused addons and automatically turns them off.
  • WP BASE individual addons and WP BASE Dev can be used together, e.g. for testing different versions. In such a case, integrated addons will be automatically deactivated. Therefore no PHP errors will occur.
  • All new addons which will be released during license validity period will be included in the WP BASE Dev.
  • WP BASE Dev also includes addons that passed beta testing, but not yet released.