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Advanced Features – Control & Display Options

No Show

Advanced Features addon allows a “No Show” feature using which you can manage your valuable time more efficiently.

Suppose that most of your clients respect to their bookings and you do not need to manually approve their booking submissions (Therefore
Auto confirm in Global Settings > General > Booking & Cancelling is set as Yes) and you do not want to ask an advance payment in order to avoid payment gateway fees (Therefore Payment required at booking instant in Monetary Settings is set as No).

However you have just a few clients who do not show up when their booking time comes. So you are not sure if they will really come to their next appointment and you want to have the option to refuse or accept their next booking request. You can set up No Show to handle this case:

  • In Bookings page find the last booking of the problem client. Edit the booking and set booking status as No Show.
  • Now when the client applies for a new booking, their booking status will be automatically marked as Pending Approval and you will get a notification email, provided that Send Pending email to Admin setting in Global Settings > email > Pending tab is left as Yes. You can decide to approve the booking or silently reject it. Please note that pending bookings will be automatically removed from your schedule after the time set in Pending Approval bookings auto removal time (hours) passes.
  • When client successfully completes a booking, this restriction will not be applied until you manually mark a later booking as No Show again.
  • No show can be used for logged in clients, as well as clients who are using the same email as their previous bookings.

Advanced Features Addon also allows you more and better control on display on front end and offers a better user experience.

These options can be setup in WP BASE → Display Settings → Advanced Features. On this page you will see three tabs:

General Display

These settings include confirmation form control, new themes for admin side, css file control for both admin and front end. Please refer to descriptions beside each setting.

Confirmation & Pending Dialogs

When client makes a checkout, instead of a simple javascript success message, a dialog (popup) can be displayed having information about details of the booking. In the message and content fields, you can use booking placeholders which will be replaced by real values of the booking.

Terms & Conditions

Setting Enable as Yes will place a checkbox on confirmation form. Confirmation form cannot be submitted unless client checks the box. Client can read your terms & conditions set in Dialog Content when they click the link defined in Label field.

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