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Installing Addons and Activate Licenses

Why do you need a license?

Licenses are required to have automatic update notices for addons and update them with a single click, without FTP access.

Also a valid license is required if you want to have premium support. Premium support request message can be easily sent in WP BASE admin using the form in  WP BASE → Help → Support page. When you use this form, we will automatically get information about activated licenses and Addons and system info about your installation.

Purchasing an addon on our website will give you unlimited download right to the addon file and a license key for activation on 1 or 5 or unlimited websites, depending on the variation you have purchased.

Downloading Addon File

After your purchase, when you click the Return to Merchant link on PayPal website, you will be redirected to Purchase Confirmation page. On this page you will see your license key and link for the download file. Click the link to zip file and install the addon to your website like any other WordPress addon. Also see: Installing an Addon

Alternatively, you can visit your account page any time and download file there:

  1. With your first purchase login credentials to your account will be sent to your email address
  2. Using that credentials login your account on:
  3. Click View Details and Download link
  4. On Purchase Confirmation page you can see purchased license and download link for the addon
Installing Addons

An addon is basically a WordPress plugin and installing it is no different than any other plugin:

  1. Go to Plugins → Add New page
  2. Click Upload Plugin button on top of the page
  3. Select previously downloaded addon file by clicking Choose File button
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Depending on your Internet speed in a few seconds or minutes you will receive a success message. Click Activate button.
Activating Licenses

Each addon has a separate license key. Each of them can be individually activated per website. A license key can be valid for 1 or 5 or unlimited websites depending on variation you have purchased.

Your activation license can be found in your WP BASE account:

To activate a license key for an Addon proceed as follows:

  1. Login to your WP BASE account on, if you haven’t logged in yet
  2. Click View Licences link for the desired Addon under License Keys column. You will be taken manage licenses page.
  3. Click on Key icon. License key will be revealed.
  4. Copy the license key
  5. Visit your website for which license will be activated
  6. Visit WP BASE → Tools → Licenses page
  7. Under Addon Name column find the Addon you want to activate the license for. If you cannot see the Addon, check if it is activated in Plugins page
  8. Paste the copied key to License Key field for the Addon
  9. Click Activate button. You should get a notice like: Reminder & Follow-up emails Addon license activated
  10. If you receive an error message, please check license key and Addon pair: Each addon has a separate license key
License for Essentials Bundle

When you purchase Essentials Bundle license, you will receive a key for each product in the bundle and the bundle itself. The bundle key is only for renewal purposes: It is not possible to mass activate all addons with the bundle license key. For activation, use product license keys and enter each key to matching addon row.

After you have activated license key on a website, you can deactivate it any time by:

  1. Your Account Page in WP BASE website → View Licenses → Manage Websites OR
  2. WP BASE → Tools → Licenses → Deactivate Button

Then you can activate it on another website of yours.

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