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Event Bookings

Event Bookings addon allow any WordPress post, page or custom post to be bookable as an event.

Addon provides two shortcodes: app_book_event and app_events

app_book_event shortcode makes any supported post type to be bookable, which means adds booking form on the front end provided that Event Settings are made on the post edit admin page. Supported post types are selectable with settings, e.g. product for WooCommerce, page for other uses.

app_events shortcode adds a monthly calendar of configured events on the page shortcode insterted into.


Session: is each individual instance of the event. An event may have one or more sessions. For example, a New Year Party may have a single session, while a Saturday Party recurring every week will have more than one session.

Pax: is the number of persons in a booking. If Group Bookings is enabled, a client may apply for one or more pax depending on your settings

Ticket: is the confirmation of booking with booking ID and security code. Event Bookings is suitable for creating one ticket for one booking. In other words, there will be only one booking even if pax is more than one

Post Editor Settings

These settings can be found in “Event Booking Settings” metabox on the edit page of the supported post type.

Capacity: is the booking capacity of each event session. When number of tickets exceed this number, related session will be closed to booking. This field can be left empty, which means unlimited ticket sales. Note: While total number of tickets can be unlimited, number of persons per checkout does have a limit. This is set by the below Max. Selectable setting.

Price: is the sales price per person. When number of persons are changed on the front end, calculated purchase price will be automatically multiplied by this value. Price value can be overridden by Custom Pricing addon, for example in order to apply discount for different sessions and/or with increasing pax.

Background and text colors: are used when event is listed in Events Calendar. Addon assigns random colors when no colors have been set.

Display Map: is effective when Locations addon is active and Google Map settings are configured. Checking this check box will display map of the event on the front end.

Event Venue: When Locations addon is active, venue must be selected from one of the configured locations. If Locations is not active, you can directly enter the address of the venue.

Enable Group Bookings: Checking this check box allows clients select number of persons for the event.

Min. Selectable: is the minimum number of persons that can be selectable on the front end. In other words, minimum pax that client can book for. If left empty, it is taken as 1.

Max. Selectable: is the maximum number of persons that a client can book for. This is limited by the Capacity setting of the event or a constant of 100, whichever is smaller. Note: If you need to change this constant limit, e.g. to set it as 200, insert this code in wp-config.php:

define( 'WPB_MAX_SEATS', 200 );

Closed From: is the number of total booked pax which will make the event session fully booked. This setting is useful if your event is intended for a single group. Example:

  • You have an Escape Room business which can be played with 3 to 6 players, but you want only one group to book the session.
  • When you set Min Selectable: 3, Max: Selectable: 6 and Closed From: 3, addon will behave exactly as desired.
  • You can set price based on number of players or fixed using Custom Pricing addon
Event Sessions

In order to be bookable, at least one session should be defined for the event. To create a new session click “Add an Event Session” button. A row with the following fields will be inserted:

Start date/time: is the start date/time of the session and also start of the recurrence if Repeat is set. To set a full day event, i.e. time is undetermined, set “All Day”.

End date/time: is the end date/time of the session. To set to 24:00, select “Midnight”.

Repeat: Select one of the repeat units if this is a recurring event. Notes:

  • Event Bookings does not create new posts for each session, because this is terrible for WordPress resources and it is not intuitive. Instead all sessions of the event are saved as post metas and they can be booked on the same page using a booking list.
  • To create recurrences other than listed, you can create combinations by adding new sessions. For example,  to create sessions recurring every Monday and Tuesday, first add a session starting on Monday and recurring weekly. Then add another session starting on Tuesday and recurring weekly again. Addon will sort them correctly according to their dates when listing on the front end.
  • Events lasting longer than recurrence unit will not be bookable. For example an event lasting for 2 days cannot repeat daily.

Until: is the date when recurrence ends. It is only taken into account for recurring events.

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