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With Extras addon you can define service options which shall be offered to the client as an option on the confirmation form. Extras can be additional equipment, material, facility or another service (called “extra service”) in addition to the currently selected one.

Extras are defined and setup on WP BASE → Business Settings → Extras page.

You can define as many extra as you wish. Each extra is only displayed on the confirmation form if adjusted settings match to the selected time slot and client. These settings are location, service, provider, start and end times of the booking and WordPress user role of the client.


If you want to offer a product or unlisted service as an extra, use Add New Item as Extra button, if you want to offer an existing WP BASE service as an extra, use Add Existing Service as Extra button. Mixing two types is allowed.

Properties of Services as Extra
  • Availability of extra services is checked against selected time slot, and unavailable services are not offered to the client. Please note that currently selected service are not taken into account for availability check. For this reason, if provider gives both selected and extra services, it is possible that he may be assigned for both. WP BASE does not consider this as overbooking.
  • Extra service should be different from the selected service. Tip: You can use Group Bookings addon if you want to add another person.
  • Extra service cannot be a service package.
  • Duration of extra service is not added to the main service, but recorded as a separate booking starting from selected appointment time. Therefore if duration of main service is 1 and that of extra service is 2, total duration will be 2 hours, not 3.
  • Upon successful submission, each extra service will create an appointment as child of the main appointment.
Description of Fields
  • ID field: is automatically given by the system and it is unique.
  • Name field: is the display name of the option which will be used in the pulldown menu on the confirmation form. Name field is always required to save a record.
  • +Price field: is the additional price that will be added to the regular price in case this extra is selected. It can be empty (zero additional price) or even negative, for example if selecting that option leads to less cost for you.
  • Description page: is an optional page that may be used to explain scope of supply of the extra. If this page has a WP post excerpt it will be used. Otherwise an automatic excerpt will be created from the content of the page. If the page has a featured image, it will also be included. The resulting description will be displayed beside selection menu as tooltip. Pages with status “publish” and “private” are selectable. Type of this page (page, post, custom post) is the same that of Services and it can be selected from Advanced → Admin settings (Advanced Features addon is required).
  • Applies to field: defines for which services and/or provider selection(s) this option will be displayed. Multiple selection is possible. This means, depending on “with match” setting, in case of any match or if all of the selections match option will be visible. If nothing is selected, option will always be available.
  • With match field: defines how multiple selections of “applies to” setting will be handled.
    • Any match will result in the option to be visible when any one of the services and providers selected in Applies to setting are subjects of the booking.
    • For example when Applies to has “Sample Service, Service Provider SP A” selections, Sample Service given by any provider or any service given by SP A makes the option visible.
    • All must match setting limits the option to be visible only when all Applies to selections are subjects of the booking.
    • Please note that for this selection only one pick from services and/or one pick from providers is reasonable.
    • For the same example, option will be applicable for only Sample Service given by SP A.
    • Tip: To display the option when “Sample Service given by SP A or SP B”, you can enter a second record with the same settings except Applies to is “Sample Service, SP B”.
  • For users field: defines to whom this option will be displayed. That is, clients having selected WP user role will be eligible to view and select the option. You can pick multiple WP user roles which means more users can be eligible. Not selecting any role means option will be visible to everyone, including non logged in users. To apply for all logged in users, but not for non logged in users, select all roles. This setting allows you offer role specific options to your members.
  • Valid for field: defines what type of date selections will make this option visible.
    • Selected range will make the option visible for appointments whose starting time is between From and To date/times entered in the proceeding four fields.
    • Every sunday, monday, etc will make the option visible for every selected week day for bookings whose starting time are between start and end times selected in the proceeding two fields. With this selection, from/to dates will be irrelevant and be hidden.
    • Anytime setting will make date limitation void and date/time fields will be hidden.
  • From, To fields: define time range of the appointment for which option is visible. Selected values are included in the range, e.g. 10:00 start and 10:00 end times will match bookings made for appointments starting at 10:00. For recurring week days, dates fields will be irrelevant and be hidden.
    • Set time fields to All day for the option to be visible for any time of day.
    • Please note that this range is for the starting time of the appointment: Addon does not check the ending time. Also this is the time of the appointment submission is made for, NOT time of the submission.
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