With Extras Addon you can sell additional material, product or service on confirmation form. Extras can have conditions to match with the selected time slot, location, service, provider and client WordPress user role and only offered then. Examples of such conditions:

  • Particular services, e.g. to sell tennis ball with tennis court bookings or to sell manicure service with hair cut
  • Date/time range, e.g. manicure extra service will only be offered for afternoon bookings due to working hours of the manicurist
  • Certain products or services can be offered to certain user roles with a special price or free, e.g. complimentary to premium membership level
  • With Locations addon, some extras offered only at a certain location, e.g. due to product availability
  • With Service Providers addon, certain extras displayed in case of a particular provider, e.g. Amy can both cut hair and do head massage, so one of these two services are offered as extra when the other service and Amy is picked
  • Combination of the above, e.g. manicure extra service is offered for free to elite members at Saloon 2 in week day mornings when client picks hair dyeing service from Betty and manicurist is available

In addition to Locations and Service Providers, addon also integrates with Group Bookings: You can multiply extras with number of attendants and price is adjusted accordingly.