Google Calendar

Google Calendar Addon allows two way synchronization between:

  • Overall bookings and Google Calendar account of the website
  • Own bookings of service providers and their Google Calendar account
  • When Locations addon is activated, bookings made for the location and dedicated calendar of the location within Google Calendar account of the website

In addition to the above, it allows automatic creation of events for clients in their own Google Calendar accounts. This feature can be turned on/off for particular user roles.

Desired Google calendar to be synched can be freely selected. Additionally, any number of other people’s calendars (e.g. colleagues) can be used as attendees.

Other features:

  • Past events can be automatically deleted or kept
  • Any booking variable can be sent to GCal as description text, e.g. client details, booking venue, etc
  • Integrates with Locations Addon: If a location ID is entered to GCal event, available capacity is only reserved for that location. Example: LOCATION: 3 reserves capacity for location 3 for the duration of the GCal event.
  • Integrates with Group Bookings Addon: Number of pax can be set on GCal side. Example: SEATS: 3 reserves three available capacity instead of one.
  • Video Conferencing with Google Meet
  • Push Notifications: Changes in Google Calendar are reflected to WordPress side immediately