Reminder & Follow-up emails

Reminder & Follow-up emails Addon allows sending automatic email messages for:

  1. Reminding clients about their appointments
  2. Reminding service providers about their appointments
  3. Follow-up clients after certain time has passed following their last booking or booking attempt
  4. Reminding clients when they are expected to make a payment (due payment)

For each of these features:

  • Email template provided. Booking variables and HTML can be used. No need to modify a file
  • Multiple times can be set, for example sending reminders 72, 48, 24, 12 hours before a upcoming appointments
  • Multiple Languages Addon supported: For each of the website languages a different template can be set
  • Group Bookings Addon supported: When set so, participants of the group can receive emails as well as the owner of the booking
  • PDF Addon supported: When set so, any text and HTML can be converted into PDF format and added to the email