Online Meetings

Online Meetings addon allows integration with Zoom and Jitsi audio/video meetings systems.

With Zoom, each booking creates a Zoom meeting in your Zoom account. Then your client can join to this meeting on Zoom website at the appointment time using Join link in emails or Join button on their account page.

With Jitsi, video meetings are automatically managed on your website with two simple pages: Waiting Room and Meeting Room.

Zoom Features:

  • A unique password can be automatically created for each meeting
  • You can share ID, password, Join URL, topic and agenda of the meeting in client emails
  • Clients can also join a meeting using the button on their account page
  • Supports Service Providers and Multi Vendor Marketplace addons: If allowed by admin, each provider/vendor can integrate their WP BASE account with their Zoom account, being the host of own meetings.
  • Host can start the meeting using the button on their account page.
  • Supports Group Bookings addon: Provided that you collect emails of each participant at the confirmation form (can be set in Group Bookings settings for each service), you can send join links to all participants using emails. Please note that depending on the type of your Zoom account, multi-participant meetings may have a duration limit.

Jitsi Features:

  • Easy to setup, providers do not need to create additional account outside your website.
  • Supports commercial version of Jitsi, called 8×8, as well as free version.

Note: As an alternative, Google Meet is also available with Google Calendar addon.